Owner : Ernie Macias
Hometown : Moreno Valley, CA
Vehicle : 1991 Mitsubishi Might Max
Club : No Regrets

Article & Photography
Donald LeBlanc III

Have you ever known someone whose vehicle is destined to spend the rest of it's life encased in a protective primer coating?  If you would have asked me that question a few months ago I would have told you that Ernie Macias' Mitsubishi was one of those rides.  Thankfully Ernie has proven me wrong and finished a bad ass ride in the process.  Like any good Mini-Trucker Ernie brought his truck down to the guys at BioKustumz to get started.    First off they air bagged and 4-linked Ernie's ride to get it down to the ground where it belongs.  Over the next couple of years he had them perform a 
2.75 inch body drop, install a larger diameter rear window, mold the tailgate shut, fabricate in some Cadillac taillights, and shave off just about everything he could think of.   Like most mini-truckers Ernie had to add some Toyota parts to his truck to add the final touches.  These include a Toyota rear axle, front hubs and rotors to get the 5 lug 18" Alba Blazes with 215/35/18 Falcon tires to fit.  He also added Toyota Tacoma headlights and a Toyota front bumper & valance molded together and stretched to fit the width of his truck.  A billet insert in the bumper nicely compliments his phantom grill.

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