Owner : Joseph Nunez
Hometown : Moreno Valley, CA
Vehicle : 1998 Chevrolet S-10
Club : Cector

Article & Photography
Donald LeBlanc III

How do you stand out in a world dominated by S-10's?  You make yourself a Blueprint and pay attention to every little detail.  That's exactly what Joseph Nunez did when he bought his truck back in May of 2001 and he ended up with one killer ride.  

In order to get the truck down to a respectable height Joe took his truck to Angel Paredes.  Angel grafted a c-notch to the rear frame and installed Slamfest air bags, 1/2 inch SMC valves, and a nice big nitrogen bottle to make everything fast as hell.  The suspension is operated from inside the cab by 10 switches.  To finish it off they installed a set of 18" KMC wheels wrapped with 235/40/18 Falken tires.

Joe brought his truck back down to Angel and had him shave off the hood squirters, antennae, door handles, 3rd brake light, tailgate handle, tail lights, and mirrors.  Angel then frenched in a new 12" L.E.D. 3rd brake light and Cadillac tail lights in the rear.  Next he smoothed the cowl panel and installed Billet Diamond motorcycle mirrors where the stock mirrors used to reside.  After molding in a rollpan and installing a 35x40 sliding rag top he finished it off with the installation of a Billet Grill, Billet wiper covers, and clear corner lamps.

Wanting to put as much of his own effort into the truck as he could Joe, with the help of his father Joe Nunez Sr., painted the truck with a custom mixed blue pearl, topped with House of Kolor Blue Ice Pearl.  He also sprayed the bed with a matching blue tinted Rhino Liner.  To top it off he sprayed the Nitrogen bottle flaked silver with blue stars.

Keeping the engine simple and clean Joe installed a Matrix chrome air filter, chrome caps, and blue wire loom.  He polished the AC condenser and painted miscellaneous pieces with Silver flake.

Moving on to the interior he covered the seats, door panels, head liner, and rear cab panels with gray tweed and vinyl.  Blue Chevy bowties embroidered into the seats added a nice touch.  The door handles and other misc. dash peices were then smoothed and painted blue to match the truck.  Next to be installed were Billet window cranks, shift knob, head light panel, rear view mirror, steering wheel, flame cigarette lighters, and flame pedals.  Flamed gauges, a neon blue dome light, and a chrome fire extinguisher topped everything off.

Not wanting to cruise around in silence Joe had Sergio Pesqueria wire him up a killer stereo system.  Sergio started with a Pioneer CD player with a built in 7" monitor.  A PS2 flush mounted in the glove box supplies the video feed to the flip up screen.  A Kenwood 1200 watt 2 channel amplifier powers the two Kenwood 12" sub woofers.  Another Kenwood 2400 watt 4 channel amplifier powers the Pioneer 6.5" speakers in the doors and 5.25" speakers safely mounted in the dash.  Both amplifiers were frenched into speaker box.

Joe would like to thank his father, Joe Nunez Sr., Christopher Nunez, Sergio Pesqueira, Angel Paredes, and Daniel Rincon for all their help and support.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Joe at jojo_nunez@hotmail.com 

We would also like to thank the lovely Julie Haffey from www.SoCalTease.com


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