Owner : Joe Joffino
Hometown : Torrance, CA
Vehicle : 1998 Chevy S10
Club : First Class

Article & Photography
Donald LeBlanc III

What kind of a show vehicle can be built on a student's budget?  Take a look at the pictures around this article and you can see.  That's right, Joe Joffino built this truck on a college student's budget.  Just imagine what he'll do once he graduates and becomes a CHP.

  Joe brought his truck closer to the ground by installing Firestone Air Bags all around and a set of de-arched mono leaf-springs in the rear.  2 Thomas 317 air compressors and 2 five gallon air tanks mounted under the bed supply the air flow through the SMC valves to lift and lower Joe's ride.  A 6 switch control allows Joe to hit front, back, and side to side through his 1/2 inch air system.  To finish off the suspension Joe bolted on a set of chrome 18" Mondera wheels.

At the rear of the truck Joe shaved the tailgate handle and re-installed it back on the inside.  A Sir Michaels rollpan with a frenched in license plate was then molded to the bottom of bed.  To finish off the bed Joe had a custom Iron Cross design and message welded onto the notch cover and then had the bed sprayed with a Line-X coating.  

To finish off the exterior, Joe installed sport mirrors, a full face billet grill with a crooked bowtie, a flamed billet antenae, and had custom Tribal Tint installed on the 2 front windows

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