Forbidden Fantasy
Car Show
March 12th, 2000

Pictures and commentary by Donald LeBlanc

For the third year in a row Forbidden Fantasy held their one day car show.  This year it was located at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds.  The show exploded to over 500 vehicles!  They actually had to turn away many late comers.  Thankfully all of us got there early as usual.  What can I say?  The show was awesome, the weather was great, and there were scantily women aplenty.  Dave Warren and his wife Shantay both brought home trophys.  (her trophy was bigger than his)  We all had a good time and look forward to the time when Forbidden Fantsy will start hosting truck runs.

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This is one clean interior Where's the tailights? Joe from BioKustumz 909.654.3195
Forbidden_2000_005.jpg (3770 bytes) Dominic from Meristic Lowered Mercedes? Lowered Taco with big wheels
Going for the best use of cotton award Full size converible?  There's something that you don't see too often Check out that diamond tilt hood Full size sittin' on 20's
Interesting graphics Pimp Daddy! Forbidden_2000_015.jpg (3266 bytes)
Chameleon paint is cool Got Bass? M.I.C. Kicks ass
Got Lips?
Roy's freshly body dropped full size Chevy


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