October 1997 issue Mini Truckin' Magazine

October 1997 Issue Mini Truckin' Magazine Ridin' Around

Well, Dave made it into the readers rides now it's time to get serious. Graphics, interior, chrome and feature article here he he comes! (he hopes)


Next we have some weak attempts at fame but what the hell it's one of our rides in a magazine shot.

October 1997 issue Mini Truckin' Magazine Spring Splash 97' coverage.

Can you see it? I didn't think so that is why I added the big red arrow. Yep, that is my truck.

O.K., now I know what you are thinking. These guys are grasping at straws but that is Dave's truck and again we added the big red arrow so you wouldn't miss it. That is Dave's license plate "GROWND O" with the box on the right hand side.

When we get some REAL magazine shots we'll dump these feeble attempts at recognition.