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If you are interested in joining act one we welcome all newcomers regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.

We have a few rules and requirements which are listed below.

  1. Absolutely NO Narcotics!

  2. No Drinking and driving!

  3. No criminals (ACT ONE is mostly hard working families and we will NOT tolerate any criminal or gang activity)

  4. Honesty at all times (we are all friends and have been that way for a long time. If you can't tell your friends the truth then you don't belong in act one)

  5. NO rumors or gossiping

  6. NO Attitudes.  NO one in act one is better then someone else regardless of the condition, type, or amount of time and money spent on a vehicle.  Members who "think" they are too good for another member of act one or someone else will be dismissed from act one.

  7. You must have a running customized vehicle which is subject to approval by all club members. All vehicles must be lowered or raised at least 2".  (No 1976 Datsun B210 hatchbacks that have had the coil springs removed and hub caps painted with chrome in a can) 

  8. We are not limited to lowered trucks and compact cars but that is our preference. We are always looking for some nice looking 4 x 2's and 4 x 4's to represent act one.

  9. All lowered vehicles that belong to act one must have wheels that do NOT protrude past the fender wells.  No deep dish wheels, reversed wheels and no wire wheels.  We have valid reasons for this rule and can answer any questions you might have regarding this rule.  We have NOTHING against deep dish wheels, wire wheels, or lowriders, and we are NOT prejudice against any vehicle, race, or person.  Write to us and we can answer your questions regarding this rule.

  10. Full size trucks, mid and full size cars are also welcome. Full size trucks will be lowered and adhere to the wheel rule or be raised and customized appropriately. Mid and full size cars must be lowered and adhere to the wheel rule. We will also draw a line on the age of certain vehicles and the condition.

  11. You must attend all meetings.

  12. We do ask you pay for a club T-Shirt which runs $14.00 to $16.00 The club logo (for your vehicle) is anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 depending on the size.  We have club dues which are $5.00 a month.

  13. Upon approval of a new petitioning member and vehicle, they will be accepted into act one at the time of approval. Each new member is subject to a probationary period of three months. The petitioning member must attend 3 meetings on time and then will be voted in permanently by a majority vote.  If any meetings are missed or any rules broken they will be dismissed immediately.

  14. Each petitioning member must provide for act one and the S.C.M.T.C. certain information described next. (1) Full Name (2) Full address (3) Phone number (4) age (5) Vehicle year, make, model, color, and licensee plate number (6) Proof of liability auto insurance (ACT ONE WILL NOT be responsible for automobile accidents) (7) Drivers licensee number. ALL of the above information must be current at all times and subject to verification at any time.

  15. We ask that you have no other logos or stickers on your back window except for the ACT ONE logo.

  16. Last but not least you must HAVE FUN!

If any of the above rules are broken by a member of act one that member is subject to dismissal by a majority vote of act one.

If you are interested in joining act one send us E-mail or just come to one of our meetings.

Our meetings are held the first Sunday of every month at Stadium Pizza, 701 W Esplanade Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92582-4540 (909-654-1142) at 6:00 p.m.

Below are a couple of maps to help you find your way.


W. E.

W. E.

W. Stadium_Pizza_map.gif (13439 bytes) E.


The easiest route is to take the I-215 and exit at the Hemet off ramp highway 74 Florida Ave. Follow Florida Ave. East all the way in to Hemet Approximately 15 miles and turn left on State St. Head north about 5 miles to Esplanade Ave. and turn left.  Stadium Pizza is located at 701 W Esplanade Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92582-4540 (909-654-1142) for more information about Stadium Pizza.

Or E-Mail us at